Bill Bram's Hockey Development Camp

Get Fit, Have Fun, Stay Focused

To improve in the game of hockey and in life you have to work at it.  Many camps work at drills but I believe that individual correction along the way creates work that is more productive and motivating.


Setting a Foundation for Excellence

Great hockey players have the following things in common. I ingrain these philosophies in my students at a young age because X using these techniques:

Getting fit

Physical fitness is a big part of the game.  The game is fast and a player needs to be conditioned to be able to concentrate on the finer skills.  Players are motivated to achieve their highest level.


Having fun

With the players being given instruction and tips they are able to better understand the focus of the drills.  In turn they are motivated to push a little harder to practice and play at game speed.  When the work is fun and there is a purpose to the practice, motivation is easy to achieve.


Staying focused

Hard work to achieve is one thing but being able to focus on the necessary key of a particular skill motivates players to put in the time.  Each portion of Bill Bram’s camp is filled with encouragement and correction.  The players themselves will be focused and ready for the next level.


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