Bill Bram's Hockey Development Camp

On Ice Conditioning

The only way to learn is by doing.  That’s why each session includes on-ice conditioning where game-time scenarios are broken down into focused drills.  Throughout the drills, Bill provides individual instruction and correction.  When the players know why a drill is important they work to improve at a much faster pace.  Sessions include 4 on 4 scrimmage where the emphasis is on skill development while keeping a high tempo.

The game is fast and you need to practice at game speed – all the time!


On-Ice Conditioning focuses on:


The backbone to the game.  Quickness, agility, strength and stamina are key.  Drills are progressive and keep the players engaged to keep improving.  Many drills have a competitive component that drives players to continue to work hard at a fast pace.


Puck Control

Hockey is a game of control and the more time you have the puck in control the more opportunities a player has to make a play.  Players will work on stick handling and passing while keeping their heads up to advance the play.  Instruction on proper body position to maintain puck control is also covered.



Players are shown the proper technique to gain power and accuracy.  During the practice drills, players are provided individual feedback and tips to practice outside of the on-ice session.


4 on 4 Scrimmages

Sessions end with a 4 on 4 scrimmage where there is lots of ice and space to work on developing skills.  Teaching occurs during the game with correction at the time of the opportunity.  Two aspects are key:

  • Always be working at game speed – whether you are breaking into the opponent’s end on a scoring chance or if you are making a line change
  • No dumping the puck away – always try to make a play


For more experienced players:

Physical Play

Older players are taught the proper technique to taking and giving a body check.


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