Bill Bram's Hockey Development Camp


We would strongly recommend the Bill Bram hockey program for a player’s key building blocks in their development. This helps them see their position and understand what they need to do to be successful.

You have been an integral part of her development through her two seasons playing with the AAA Midget team and now progressing on to Prep Hockey at in the NWJHL this season. Your mentorship in her development year to year has been significant.

You work them hard and force them to be accountable and play outside of their comfort zone. The (BB) hockey development camps focus on the essentials of ‘Being the Best You Can Be’.

Thanks. Our son really did enjoy the camp and looks forward to next year. He is trying out for the St. Paul’s high school and Railcats. Take care and talk to you next spring.

Thanks. She did enjoy the camp. “Loves” the push-ups. Look forward to the weekly skates next spring.

Thanks Bill. She loved it and wants to come back next year! She’s ready for tryouts this weekend and she’s feeling much more confident!!!

We just wanted to thank you for your refreshing approach of focusing on the players development for the right reasons we believe your approach is sincere and honest with the players best interest at hand. In closing we feel that the (BB) approach also means Billy Bram has the individual players back. We thank you for your positive involvement in our daughters development and I know that she looks forward to participating again as she pursues post-secondary opportunities at the CIS or NCAA level.

We believe that the (BB) hockey camp builds and develops the players skill set and your on-ice approach provides the player with immediate feedback on not only on what they need to correct to improve their game but most important what they need to do mentally to make those improvements on the ice with your continuous positive reinforcement and feedback for them to have the belief in themselves.

You provide the necessary guidance to provide a player with the building blocks of getting better. Our daughter told me that this summer’s hockey with you was the most she has learned out of all the camps she has been in. Also she made the AAA female Bantam team!

Our daughter had a fantastic time and learned a lot. She already commented she would like to go next year. Thank you.