Bill Bram's Hockey Development Camp

Teaching Philosophy

Each of the sessions include personal one on one coaching, encouragement and skill improvement tips.  Clear communication is key to learning and understanding this fast paced sport.


On-Ice Sessions Focus On:

Skills Development

Emphasis is put on improving proper technique in all aspects of the game.  Including

  • Skating stride
  • Shooting
  • Puck protection
  • Passing


Not Just Drills

Hockey drills are important piece of learning hockey.  Drills are introduced with an emphasis on the reason for the drill.  Drills are directly connected to the aspects of the game and the reason that it is important in the player’s hockey skill development.


Finer Points of the Game

As much as hockey development relies on drills to improve skill there are also many finer points to be learned as part of the greater game.  The coaching of the finer points are done to the group and through individual instruction.  These are the tips that come from Bill and his experience in the game.

For anyone who has been a part of Bill’s camps you know that “you don’t give the puck away”.  Nothing like a few pushups to remind you not to dump and chase.


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